Soyuz Show offers its clients a full range of services to the various BTL programs: promotions, sampling, tastings, leafleting, etc.

As well as a range of related services: approval of the event with the city authorities, promotions in other mass events held by our company, etc.

организация мероприятий BTL в симферополе организация мероприятий BTL в симферополе

Perfectly built management allows for projects with a vast geography, using several promotion channels, uploading product activities and the production of promotional materials.

BTL (below the line, literally «below the line») is an original advertising solution that involves direct personal contact with the customer. Such promotional events provide an opportunity to the end user to be personally familiar with the virtues and quality characteristics of the goods. It greatly increases the motivation to purchase this product or service.

BTL programs usually contrasts the usual advertising in traditional kinds of her distributing: press, television, radio, outdoor advertising, cinema, etc.

организация мероприятий BTL в симферополе организация мероприятий BTL в симферополе

Use of BTL features allows you to focus on the characteristics of the target group of consumers’ attitude that gives our customers advantages in conveying the necessary information to this group of consumers.

The main task of the BTL-organizers is an original, easily memorable advertising image of the object. The creative team of advertising makers of Soyuz Show can adequately and successfully meet this challenge and to guarantee the customer a positive result in the short term with the optimum level of costs.

We have to pay attention to the possibility of successful promotions during mass events (town days, musical and thematic festivals, folk festivals in the days of generally recognized holidays).

We possess the necessary experience and can ensure an integrated approach in a similar advertising campaign:

  • harnessing the power of traditional media advertising, as well
  • organization branding BTL applications

Without a doubt, the mass entertainment events – are a unique opportunity for an effective advertising campaign, a great chance for promotion in the market of a new product or brand.

организация мероприятий BTL в симферополе организация мероприятий BTL в симферополе

Such events are for all ages and social groups, and this allows presenting at the celebration of various consumer properties of products and categories. Holiday atmosphere and excellent mood of people heighten the effectiveness of such advertising.

Any company or brand names associated with such activities are beginning to be associated in the popular consciousness with positive emotions. The secret is that the elements of advertising supported narrative and, literally, «imprinted» in the minds of the public.

Space (the bulk of the activities carried out on large open areas and large crowds) enables a variety of cheap but highly effective advertising technology. Our projects enable you to not only host the media direct advertising, but also to arrange a local image holidays – a sort of «holiday in celebration» based solely on the style and themes of the advertising object.

организация мероприятий BTL в симферополе организация мероприятий BTL в симферополе

Most of the activities carried out during the holiday season, during the period of maximum influx of people in Crimea. A unique and exciting holidays and festivals can attract people’s attention – people looking for interesting and exciting entertainment. We adopted a phased approach to advertising campaigns generate interest in the event in advance.

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