We invite you to attend our International Knight Festival Genoese Helmet, an animation festival, on the territory of Genoese Fortress, where it had been held the last 10 years.

The Festival was first held in August 2001 and now it has become the most popular event in terms of number of participating Knights and animators. In past years the Festival had anywhere from 300 to 850 participants, including knights, members of the court, blacksmiths, artillery experts, and professional actors and stuntmen.

организация Фестивалей в симферополе организация Фестивалей в симферополе

The place for the Festival is not accidental. Sudak fortress as if created for knightly festivals: exotic architecture, romance of the sea, plus a rich history of the city itself. Plenty of people stormed Sugdeu: Venetians, Genoese, Ottoman, Turks, Tartars … Today the fortress is «attacked» by the tourists annually, and each meeting with an outstanding monument of the Middle Ages remains in memory for a long time. And our Festival helps old Castle to come to life and tell their story in vivid, theatrical pictures.

Time of the festival: July – August.

Spectators will see a colorful theatrical show, a mass of Knights battles. Tournaments in glory of beautiful ladies, where Knights in shining armour converge in duels, Crossbow shooting, guns, trebuchets, contest riders, troubadours singing medieval ballads. The territory of the fortress stretches more than 30 hectares. At the time of Festival space holiday is combining the past and the present.

организация Фестивалей в симферополе организация Фестивалей в симферополе

Groups of tourists are accompanied by the free guides in costumes from the Middle Ages.

Festival guests can enjoy a unique spectacle and go to the trade fair «The City of Masters», which presents a variety of arts and crafts, many of which are made right in front of the audience.
We have a working forge, Potter’s wheel. Everybody has a unique opportunity to take part in knightly pastimes, show dexterity and accuracy in tournaments, archery and crossbow, throw knives, try on medieval armour and take home vivid memories of holiday, sea souvenirs and special atmosphere of the Middle Ages in the colorful photos.

организация Фестивалей в симферополе организация Фестивалей в симферополе

Without a doubt the Festival is a unique opportunity for an effective advertising campaign, a great chance to promote the new product in the market of Ukraine. We actively solicit the cooperation of sponsors and patrons.

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